sprial classifier daily start up procedure

sprial classifier daily start up procedure

Spiral Classifier for Mineral Processing

In Mineral Processing, the SPIRAL Classifier on the other hand is rotated through the ore.  It doesnt lift out of the slurry but is revolved through it. The direction of rotation causes the slurry to be pulled up the inclined bed of the classifier in much the same manner as the rakes do.

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Besides, electrical schematic diagrams for spiral classifier rotation and lifting linkage control are designed (Figure 6). When the classifier stops working, with the startup of lifting device the spirals can automatically be lifted to a certain height.

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Spiral Classifier has been widely use in closedcircuit grinding operations and it can also be used for the classification of ore sand and slime in gravity beneficiation plants, for the size grading of slurry in mineral processing plants and for desliming and dewatering in orewashing plants.


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For maximum effectiveness it should take place after every stage of grinding. The types of equipment that are used to accomplish this are called CLASSIFIERS. There are three basic kinds used. The first two, the RAKE classifier and the SPIRAL or screw classifier work